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Invaluable Experiences

Win or no win, competitions add an additional dimension to your portfolio of experience, and create a holistic outlook of work-related learning.

They demonstrate extraordinary confidence, initiative, teamwork, and a drive to make an impact on the wider world – all of which are highly attractive to any employer.

Best of all, they are designed to be fun and engaging – make global connections and friendships, and travel overseas!

Our Role

Although the competitions featured here are not run by SoMSA, we are here to support you in any way we can, including the following:

  • Mock assessment days for students wishing to practice their presentation skills while receiving feedback from one of our experts here at the School of Management
  • Insightful Q&A sessions from previous competition winners and finalists
  • Advice on the design and structure of slides and other competition deliverables
  • Answer any questions you may have, and can act as a point of contact between your team and the competition organisers

Featured Competitions

KPMG International Case Competition (KICC)


A four-day event where you and three other teammates are presented with a series of challenging, real-world business case studies to solve, mirroring the work that companies like KPMG and other consultancies do.



The KICC will take place in April 2018. Applications can only be made once you have formed your team of 4, and are made here.


During each stage of the competition, your team will be given a detailed case study to consider. You will have three hours to:

  • Review the dossier you’ve been given
  • Identify and analyze key business issues
  • Develop a compelling set of recommendations
  • Prepare an engaging presentation for the judges.

When you emerge from your team headquarters, you will present your ideas to a panel of experienced KPMG firms’ partners and leaders. The judges will listen to your presentation and ask challenging questions, playing the role of the client.


  • Meet people from other cultures and make global connections
  • Test yourself and increase your confidence
  • Get real-world experience and build your business skills
  • Add a differentiator to your resume

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KPMG International Case Competition